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Art Moreno Jr Photography

One of the most treasured techniques in my repertoire is inspired by the renowned portrait photographer, Platon. In fact, a close friend and fellow photographer from Texas Monthly Magazine once affectionately dubbed me "Platon on the Border."


What draws me to this particular artistic style is its ability to compel me to see the divine craftsmanship in every individual. In a world often preoccupied with superficial ideals of beauty, allure, and eternal youth, I find solace in recognizing the inherent wonder in humanity, regardless of shape, size, or age.


God's perspective, I believe, is one of pure acceptance. He sees beyond the surface, beyond the makeup and blemishes, to the essence of who we are. Like a devoted parent, His gaze is unwavering, fixed on the beauty, love, life, and essence of our being. He sees the perfection in our imperfections, understanding our struggles and shortcomings.


When I adopt this style of photography, I witness a profound beauty emerge—beauty that transcends physical appearance and touches the soul's core.


I've titled this self-portrait "NO ESCAPE" as a reminder of my own mortality, reflected in the aging of my body. Yet, more significantly, it serves as a reminder of my inability to evade what the English poet Francis Thompson termed "the hound of heaven."


With warmth,

Art Moreno, Jr.

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