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Art Moreno Jr Photography


Hi Art, thank you so so much! I really love how they all came out! You are an amazing photographer. You made me feel so confident and comfortable. Thank you! -Juliana


These are incredible pictures. You are extremely talented. - Nuria


This was amazing Art, thank you. You have a gift for capturing the spirit of the people and the moment in your photography. It's a beautiful gift, thank you. - Omar

Art, the picture are absolutely terrific! - Rob


Art, you are an amazing artist. - Rick


You have developed such a grace with these portraits. - Cherie


Thank you Art for your marvelous work and your kind words. - Abby


I just wanted to say thank you again for the photoshoot. I had a great time and the photos came out terrific! - Amanda


Thank you Art for the FABULOUS work and blessings my way! I appreciate you. - Theresa


Thank you so much, you are truly generous and go above and beyond in your service. We appreciate it. This team really wanted the photos and you made it happen for us. We are grateful. - CJ, YWCA


Your portraits seem to capture more than the outside appearance of the subject. They also give an insight into the inner soul of that person. My brother, you are a master storyteller. - Bruce


You are unbelievably gifted. - Xavier 


Your work is fantastic and you are a pleasure to work with!  I believe it is that passion that you describe and your humble nature that makes you such a unique and talented photographer.  Kuddos! - Jeannette

Art, thank you for your patience and professionalism during the photo shoot. You are truly gifted. Thank you! - Dora

Thank you Art for the awesome pictures you captured. Love your work and professionalism! - Grisel

I highly recommend Art for your family portraits as he is the definition of professionalism, creativity, patience, kindness, and excellence. - Robert

Art is incredible at what he does and my portrait is an example of his extraordinary talent. You do absolutely incredible work! - Allie

Art is phenomenal.  A photographer with an eye and a heart. - Homero

I don't know how you do it, but I like that your photos look different from other photographers. So creative!! - Kate

Both of these are incredible! I'm blown away! I've met so many people who know you and sing your praises! Thank you again! - Ashley

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